What is this?

Sox Outsider is a newsletter about the Boston Red Sox.

Who are you?

I’m Matt Kory [waves]

From The Athletic? 

Yup, and Vice, Forbes, Baseball Prospectus, FanGraphs, Flaming Rodents Monthly, Sports on Earth, and The Sporting News, and only one of those is made up. 

You’ve been fired a lot! 

*sigh* Yes. 

So why a newsletter?

One of the (many) problems when leaving a writing job is you lose the platform and the community you’ve helped build. That’s a big reason why I’m so excited about starting Sox Outsider. I’m here. You’re here. By subscribing (free!) we can build this community together. 

So I have to subscribe? 

I’d very much like you to, yes please.

How much is it?

It’s free. At some point in the future that might change, but for the foreseeable future Sox Outsider is going to be a free newsletter. 

How often will you be writing?

At least three times a week. It might be more than that, and during the season it probably will be, but I’m making that promise to start out with. Three original, fun, informative, pieces about the Red Sox, the baseball world they inhabit, and our lives that surround all that, like moons spinning around a distant planet. 

Fancy. Anything else to add?

I’m honestly really excited to get back to writing about the Red Sox. It’s been too long and I’m eager to get this going. So hit that subscribe button, and let’s do this thing. 

Go Sox!